How to get to Les Mandiles Corsica?

Where to locate us? 

The "Les Mandiles" Tourist Residence is located on the west coast of Corsica, 45 km north of Ajaccio, between the villages of Sagone (7 km) and Cargèse (5 km) upon D81 road.

42°07'26.3"N 8°38'00.8"E

42.123978, 8.633543

How to get to Corsica?

By plane

There are four airports on the island: Ajaccio (50 km from Les Mandiles), Figari, Bastia and Calvi.

You can reach Ajaccio airport (the closest to Les Mandiles residence) via airlines, with direct flights from France and Europe. Many connections with correspondence are offered from other cities (France or abroad), by air carriers on regular lines. Do not hesitate to inquire with companies or travel agencies. Airlines: AIR CORSICA, AIR FRANCE, VOLOTEA, EASY JET, XL-AIRWAYS, HOP, LUXAIR, BRITISCH AIRWAYS, AIR MÉDITERRANÉE, BRUSSELS, AIRLINES, EUROPE AIRPOST, JETAIRFLY, LUXAIR, NORVEGIAN, TRANSAVIA AIRLINES...

Arrival by plane + rental car at the airport, a fast and relaxed way to travel.

Approximate distances from the residence:

Ajaccio-Napoleon-Bonaparte Airport: 50 min

Bastia-Poretta airport: 3 hours

Figari airport to the south: 3 hours

Calvi-Sainte-Catherine airport 2h40

By ship

Various maritime carriers offer connections from France and Europe to Corsica. The crossing is done on board conventional ferries, Mega Express or on board high-speed vessels (NGV).

Night or day crossing by classic ferry Nice-Ajaccio around 7:00 a.m. or on board high-speed vessels (NGV) Nice-Ajaccio around 4:00 a.m.



How do you get around the island?

Get around by car, bus or train

by car

The roads of Corsica are often narrow and winding, apprehending the distances in kilometers is risky. For your trips by car, we advise you to refer to the table of road distances and to think in time.

Please inform the reception if you wish to charge your electric car in the residence Les Mandiles (only for our guests). You will be charged additional fees. Nearby electric charging station: Super U Sagone.

Approximate price for a Taxi from Ajaccio-Cargèse 120,00 € - 150,00 €

With its narrow, mountainous roads, Corsica is a paradise for motorcyclists. Caution: the road is very slippery when it rains!

You can park your car or motorcycle right in front of your accommodation at our Les Mandiles residence.

by bus

Coach companies in Corsica provide annual and seasonal connections to the island. We advise you to consult their websites and their timetables before your departure. Eurocorse Voyages, Beaux Voyages company, SAIB, Corsica Europa Travel, Coach Island of Beauty, Rapide Bleus / Corsicatours...

Lines, timetables and fares on the Corsica Collectivity page.

Caution: The buses usually only run once or twice a day and often only in the morning from one region and back again in the afternoon.

by train

With its network of 232 kilometres, the Corsican railway takes you to discover the sumptuous landscapes and reliefs of the island of beauty, often inaccessible by car.

Discover Corsica by train! Throughout the year, the main lines served extend from Ajaccio, Corte, Ponte-Leccia, Île-Rousse, Bastia to Calvi. 

BASTIA-AJACCIO trip duration 3h30 CALVI-AJACCIO trip duration 3h40 

Bastia-Ajaccio rate around €22.00 per person. 

Lines, timetables and fares on the page of the Collectivity of Corsica and CAMINI DI FERRU DI A CORSICA.

Discover Corsica and the charm of the seaside
Region Cargèse, Sagone, Ajaccio, Piana

Attractions and activities around the residence Les Mandiles

7 km from our residence Les Mandiles is the seaside resort of Sagone.


Sagone is located directly behind a long sandy beach that is not overcrowded even during high season. The village provides good infrastructure with providers of water sports equipment, restaurants, and several shops.

There is no real center in Sagone, as malaria mosquitoes that spread along the river of the same name used to haunt the area. Only after their final eradication in the mid-20th century could the region be sustainably settled. At the same time, tourism developed in the region.

The Romans had already founded a colony here. In the 9th century, Sagone was conquered by the Saracens. Under the Pisans, the village became the bishopric of the Sagone diocese. Today, you can still see the remains of the old cathedral of Sant'Appiano in the west of the village (42.11838727406148, 8.690208743557228), which was built in the 12th century. A menhir statue was used as building material, and it can still be seen in a horizontal position today. During excavations, the foundations of a basilica from the 4th and 5th centuries were discovered. 

Although Sagone has a rich history, there are no remarkable monuments in the town. In the Middle Ages, the episcopal seat was transferred to Vico inland in 1572. 

However, Sagone offers a relaxed atmosphere and an idyllic seaside location. The beach is not crowded even in high season and the town offers everything one needs for a pleasant vacation.

Tourist office - restaurants - ice cream parlor - general medical practice - veterinarian / veterinary clinic - pharmacy - sales of medical supplies - supermarkets / grocery stores / Corsican specialties - newsagents - souvenir shops - beach supplies / clothing - laundry - charging station for electric cars - beaches - port - boat trips - water activities - boat rental - occasionally markets / flea markets - post office - bank - hardware store - horse riding trips - gas station / garage - taxi and taxi tours.


Cargèse (Corsican: Carghjese) is a town with a Greek influence

Cargèse, a Greek village in Corsica

The Greek pearl of the west coast of Corsica: Discover the village of Cargèse and its treasures.

If you're looking for a place that offers unforgettable memories and breathtaking scenery, then the village of Cargèse in Corsica is the perfect choice. This remarkable Corsican village is located 5 km north of Les Mandiles residence and offers a stunning view of the sea. Here, you can not only enjoy the beauty of this place, but also visit two amazing buildings. Two churches facing each other and overlooking the small harbor and cemetery. The Latin Church (Catholic) and the Greek Church (Orthodox) are a brotherly contrast of two churches of different rites.

These two churches are a remarkable symbol of the coexistence of two different cultures.

The story of Cargèse is fascinating. On March 14th, 1676, three Genoese galleys landed with 600 Greek refugees and settled in Paomia on Corsica. In 1729, during a general uprising of the Corsicans against Genoa, the Greek newcomers were expelled. As compensation for the loss of their property in Paomia, they were awarded the area of Cargèse in 1774. They founded the town of Cargèse as we know it today.

Le sauveur, a monument dedicated to the Greeks of Cargèse, at Capizzolu beach.

Although the village itself is quite compact, the municipality of Cargèse extends widely and encompasses several magnificent beaches. The beaches of Cargèse are all beautiful in their own way and will provide you with unforgettable memories. Clear water, fine sand, and breathtaking landscapes - take your time to relax and wander. While you can choose between refreshing swims or invigorating dives, you should enjoy the salty outdoor air to recover. It's up to you to choose the beach of your choice. So why not try them all? The beaches of Chiuni and Peru are located above Cargèse, while the beaches of Menasina, Capizzolu, and Stagnoli are located south of the village.

Cargèse has more attractions to offer than just its beaches. To learn more about the history of the place, it is recommended to take a look at the Greek-Catholic and Roman Catholic (Latin) church. Another cultural attraction is the Dolmen of Paomia, which can be reached on a hike.

A hike to the Genoese towers of Omigna and Puntiglione is a must-see. These towers are witnesses to the rich history of Corsica and offer a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding landscape. Stroll through the alleys and enjoy the various vantage points of the sea. Discover the surrounding maritime environment and the harbor. There are many opportunities to shop, relax in bars and restaurants and try local seafood and Corsican specialties.

In Cargèse, you will have an unforgettable time. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of this unique place and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Make your next vacation an unforgettable experience by visiting the Greek village of Cargèse in Corsica.

Traveling with your dog in Corsica

At the Les Mandiles residence, four-legged friends are welcome! There is a veterinary practice located 7 km away in Sagone.

Flying with your dog

If you're planning on traveling with your dog, it's important to realize that transport can often be stressful for your pet. If you still decide to fly, be sure to check with the airline regarding their policies on bringing dogs. Some airlines allow small dogs to travel in a carrier in the passenger cabin, while larger dogs must be transported in a specially designed crate in the cargo hold.

Ferry with your dog

Your furry friend is sure to enjoy the trip to Corsica by ferry. However, there are various ferry connections from the French or Italian mainland that handle pet transport differently. Some companies allow pets to travel on board, while others only allow them to be housed in personal cabins or special kennel areas. It is recommended to book passage with all providers early, as the number of available pet accommodations in cabins is limited during peak season.

Beach trip with dog

Although dogs are not allowed at popular beaches during peak season, there is no uniform regulation. Therefore, there is nothing standing in the way of a playful splash. However, it is advisable to avoid heavily frequented beaches as different municipalities may have different regulations. If you and your four-legged friend are looking for a peaceful and secluded beach, the Capizzolu beach, which can be reached on foot from Les Mandiles, is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

The best time to visit Corsica

A stay in Corsica is possible at any time of the year. If you want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, the months from May to October are ideal. In spring, you can experience the unique Maccia blossom on Corsica, and in autumn the landscape transforms into a colorful sea of leaves. During the winter months, temperatures are mild during the day, ranging between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius in coastal regions, while nights can be quite cool, ranging from three to five degrees Celsius. The summer months are particularly pleasant, when you can enjoy the sun at temperatures between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius and swim in the waters at temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Corsica off season

Escape the cold and rainy weather and treat yourself to a relaxing vacation on the beautiful island of Corsica at Les Mandiles. With our hotel residence as your base, you can explore the island's prehistoric sites, Romanesque churches and chapels, as well as Genoese towers on the island's hiking trails. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of the island. Our accommodations are equipped with heating for the cold season, so you can relax and unwind after a day of discovery.

Discover Corsica off season
Region Cargèse, Sagone, Ajaccio and Piana

Your advantages in winter

Relax, away from the hustle and bustle!  

Take advantage of the mild, sunny days.

Inexpensive travel options and accommodation.

Long-term vacation off-season possible. Spend the winter in the sunny south! Book your heated accommodation in Les Mandiles!

Enjoy the blooming landscape after the summer drought.

Skiing in Corsica?! Why not if it snows enough! Discover the ski resorts of the island.

Pack your bags and off to Corsica!
Book your holiday rental in Les Mandiles now !
Les Mandiles - A little paradise just a few minutes from Ajaccio.

Corsica is one of the most beautiful and varied islands in the Mediterranean and is rightly called "Ile de Beauté" - "Island of Beauty" or "Kalliste", the most beautiful.







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